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While many public interest organizations are supported by a very small group of wealthy donors, the Freedom Center of Missouri does not have such a major source of funding – we’re relying instead on the idea that there are thousands of liberty-loving citizens out there who might not be able to write a big check to support our work, but will be willing and able to offer $5-25 per month as an investment in the cause of constitutionally limited government. To show what a big difference such a donation can make, consider that:

$50 – Pays for gas so that Dave can travel to a deposition or court appearance.
$75 – Buys a toner cartridge for our printer.
$100 – Helps us print information to distribute to legislators at the State Capitol or to teach a class about constitutional principles.
$150 – Pays for one month’s worth of online legal research.
$240 – Covers the cost for Dave or Jenifer to attend a conference that fulfills their annual Continuing Legal Education requirements.
$300 – Covers Dave’s or Jenifer’s annual Bar membership dues.

But the greatest gift you can give to the Freedom Center is completely free: please tell your friends about the work that we’re doing! While it would be convenient to find a few big donors who can help provide a solid financial foundation for our work, we know that this organization’s success must ultimately depend on the support of hundreds (and eventually thousands!) of ordinary citizens who are passionate about the protection of constitutional freedoms and limited government. How many friends do you know who might be willing to invest just $5-25 per month to help us protect individual liberties and restore constitutional limitations on Missouri’s government?

We hope that you will agree that the Freedom Center’s efforts are vitally important for Missouri’s future, and that you will be willing to help us, not only with a donation, but by passing this message along to others who share your commitment to freedom. As you look this website and see the work that we are doing, we hope you will consider contributing to our efforts.  We thank you in advance for any support you are willing to give.


Dave Roland
Director of Litigation