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If You Would Like Us to Consider a Potential Case, carefully Follow the Instructions Provided

The Freedom Center of Missouri is a non-profit public interest law firm dedicated to protecting individual liberty and ensuring that government operates transparently and within strict, constitutionally-defined limits. Except in very unusual circumstances, our cases center on constitutional issues or Sunshine Law violations and are aimed at laws or government policies that violate citizens’ rights. Our areas of expertise are:
  1. Free Expression – fighting for the right to communicate and receive information and ideas on all subjects.
  2. Religious Liberty – ensuring people have an unfettered right to worship and to live in accordance with the dictates of their conscience.
  3. Property Rights – defending private property owners when government unjustifiably takes their property or prevents them from using their property in harmless ways.
  4. Economic Liberty – challenging limits on citizens’ ability to earn a living in lawful, useful occupations and battling against government favoritism for certain industries, businesses, groups, or individuals.
  5. Limited Government – forcing government to respect the procedural and substantive limits the Missouri Constitution imposes on those acting under the color of law.
  6. Transparent Government – enabling citizens to hold their government officials accountable by enforcing the open records and open meetings provisions of Missouri’s Sunshine Law.

If the case you have in mind does not seek the invalidation of a specific law or government policy, or does not involve a violation of the Sunshine Law, we will probably not be able to help you.

We also will almost never take the following types of cases:

  • Any suit in which both parties are private individuals or businesses – a government entity will be one of the parties in almost all of our lawsuits.
  • Any suit in which you are asking the government to give you money under some type of benefit program.
  • Any suit related to a Homeowners Association – HOAs result from private agreements and these Associations are not government actors.
  • Any suit in which you are asking to control how another property owner uses their property.
  • Suits in which you are a criminal defendant – although if you are being prosecuted for no other reason than that you were exercising one of the freedoms expressed above, we may consider your case.
  • Police and prisoner brutality claims.

We receive scores of potential case inquiries each year. Although we will consider every potential case form submitted to us, due to the limited scope of our mission and our limited resources the Freedom Center will not be able to respond to everyone who asks us to consider a potential case.

If your potential case is one in which we might be able to offer assistance, we will be in touch with you to follow up.

Please do not contact us regarding the status of your potential case form.

In addition to sending us the potential case form, you may send us documents that you think are important for our review of your situation. Please only send truly important documents. Our time is limited, so the more documents you send, the less likely we will be to focus on your potential case – if the case seems to fit within our mission, we can always contact you for the additional information.

ONLY SEND ELECTRONIC COPIES – we will not be able to return any documents you send through the U.S. Postal Service and we will dispose of any documents related to cases in which we will not be getting involved.

If you believe that your situation falls within one of our areas of expertise, please answer all of the questions below, and email your answers to [email protected].

We will only consider requests submitted via mail or email.


If you prefer to send your potential case form via mail, it can be sent to:

Freedom Center of Missouri
P.O. Box 693
Mexico, Missouri 65265

We thank you in advance and wish you the best of luck.


If you have a case that you would like the Freedom Center to consider, you must send us a completed copy of the form below.

After we review the information you provide, we may request that you send us additional information and documentation. Due to the number of potential case requests we receive, we likely will not be able to notify you directly that we cannot take on your case; if you do not hear from us within thirty days of mailing your form, you may assume that we are unable to take your case.

Email your answers to [email protected].

Provide the following contact information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State and Zip
  • Telephone
  • Fax (if applicable)
  • Email
  1. Identify the government body, agency, or official you would like to sue.
    • If you do not have a conflict with a government agency and/or if your potential case is against a private party, STOP. The Freedom Center cannot help you. We only sue government entities.
  2. Briefly summarize your dispute or case with a governmental agency or official.
  3. Has the government agency or official given you a citation or otherwise threatened to take you to court?
    • When you email this form, please include copies of any documents illustrating the government’s action.
  4. Did the government give you any explanation for its actions against you? If so, what was it?
  5. Why do you think the government has taken these actions against you?
  6. Is your case currently in litigation? If so, in what court or agency?
  7. If your case is already in litigation, what is the next important date or deadline and what is scheduled for that date?
  8. Have you consulted with and/or retained an attorney? If so, who is the attorney and what is his or her address and telephone number? May we contact him or her if we want to learn more about your case?
  9. What would you like the Freedom Center to do for you?