How Much Is Your Liberty Worth?

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Did you know that for just the cost of one fast-food meal per month, you could help ensure that the Freedom Center of Missouri survives to keep fighting for your constitutional liberties?

Most organizations like ours can’t even keep their doors open for less than $300,000 per year – and most organizations like ours do not boast TWO highly-trained public interest attorneys. But last year the Freedom Center fought three high-profile constitutional battles, testified on a dozen legislative proposals, and spread a pro-liberty message in newspapers, on the airwaves, and in community groups all over the country – and spent only $75,000 to do it! We are convinced that there is not another constitutional litigation center in the entire country that offers this sort of bang for our donors’ bucks.

Many people refrain from supporting causes because they are not able to give very much and they believe that their contribution really won’t make a difference. But for the Freedom Center, small donations really can make the difference for this organization’s continued survival. We currently have more than 1400 followers on Facebook, and hundreds of people view this website every week. If just half of our Facebook followers chipped in $10 per month – the cost of one movie ticket or one pizza – it would guarantee that the Freedom Center has the funds to keep on fighting indefinitely.

We sincerely hope that you believe that our work is worth at least $10 per month, and our continued ability to keep up that work depends on people like you being willing to make that sort of commitment. Please click the “Subscribe” option at the right side of this page and help us in our efforts to secure individual liberty and limited government here in Missouri and throughout the nation!